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Creative Additions

Animeals are convenient and economical for school groups, daycares or any youth group.  Animeals will satisfy any growing cub.  Each Animeal includes a hot dog or sandwich, bagged chips, animal crackers and bottled water.  All are served in a zoo theme bag.

For the critters with a heartier appetite there is the Deluxe Animeal.  The Deluxe Animeal includes a deli style sandwich, pasta salad, whole fresh fruit, giant cookie, and bottled water.

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Meal Vouchers
Give the guests in your group the flexibility to eat on the go during their safari with our convenient prepaid meal vouchers.  Pay one low price and your group can choose from an assortment of delicious meals from one of two restaurants within the Dallas Zoo.


Souvenir Sports Bottle with Unlimited Refills for the Day
While on safari, your group is sure to get thirsty.  Our souvenir refill bottles will provide your guests with unlimited drinks on the day of your visit.  The souvenir bottles are refillable from one of four locations within the zoo.  Refillable souvenir bottles must be purchased for more than or equal to the number of guests within the group


Enrichment Items

Enrichments are a fantastic addition to customize any event or group outing.

Private Animal Meet-N-Greet

Souvenir Photos

Giraffe Feeding

Wilds of Africa Adventure Safari

Endangered Species Carousel Ride

Scavenger Hunt

Face Painter

Ice Cream Social