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Conservation Partners :: Cheetah Conservation Fund

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Founded by Dr. Laurie Marker in 1990, the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s (CCF) mission is to be the internationally recognized center of excellence in the conservation of cheetahs and their ecosystems.  CCF will work with all stakeholders to develop best practices, in research, education, and land use to benefit all species, including people.

CCF’s International Research and Education Centre is based in Namibia, near Otijiwarongo.  Here, CCF works to create and manage long-term conservation strategies for cheetahs throughout their range; to develop and implement better livestock management practices, eliminating the need for ranchers to kill so many cheetahs; to conduct conservation education programs for local villagers, ranchers, and schoolchildren; and to continue intensive scientific research in cheetah genetics, biology, and species survival.  CCF is a proactive organization that finds practical solutions to help people to help the cheetah, as is reflected in the CCF Vision:  “We see a world in which cheetahs live and flourish in co-existence with people and the environment.”

The Dallas Zoo is working with Dr. Marker to share information in its use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track animal movements.

For more information, visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund website.