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Conservation Partners :: Dallas Zoo Green Team

Dallas Zoo Green Team


Mission: Inspire a passion for nature and conservation by promoting green practices.


Green Team GOALS:
• Manage the recycling program
• Assist staff in developing sustainable practices for each section
• Promote conservation efforts
• Develop and implement zoo-wide conservation initiatives and projects, acting as a coordinating organization for sustainability-related programs at the Zoo
• Raise employee awareness of sustainable practices in the workplace
• Establish annual objectives for improved environmental performance, acting toward fulfillment of environmental goals, and monitoring progress toward environmental goals
• Provide sustainability resources for Zoo staff and the community
• Be a voice for environmental concerns of staff

Dallas Zoo Efforts

Resource Conservation
• Manage the recycling stream for the Zoo, saving over 61 tons of waste from heading to the landfill yearly
• Converted all Endangered Species Carousel incandescent light bulbs to LED.
• Promote the use of on-site browse gardens to grow food for our animals, providing items that would not otherwise be available such as the catnip, squash blossoms, and fennel flowers used for Amani & Winspear’s birthday cake
• Recyclable Styrofoam is turned into EcoCrete

Water Conservation
• Rain water collecting tanks have accumulated more than 3,000 gallons of water since being first installed in 2015
• Landscapes featuring native plants use less water
• Animal pools filter and reuse water

Habitat Conservation
• Nearly 900 cubic yards of landscape debris was turned into mulch for use on Zoo grounds in 2014
• Bins at the Animal Nutrition Center and other Zoo operations sites collect vegetable scraps daily to added to the compost windrows

• Assist at Zoo events with recycling efforts
• Provide educational booths at Earth Day Dallas and Earth Day Oak Cliff
• Conduct neighborhood stream and street clean-ups
• Organize Master Gardener and volunteer groups to get involved in green projects

What YOU can do

Conserving at Home
Ten tips for being green at home:
1. Drop off your used grease at our City of Dallas Cease the Grease cage at 1001 S. Ewing Ave.
2. Use cloth napkins instead of paper towels.
3. Use a reusable water bottle and drink from the tap.
4. Turn off the lights when leaving a room.
5. Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store.
6. Completely fill your dishwasher or washing machine before running them.
7. Buy products with minimal packaging.
8. Batch errands together – avoid single trips.
9. Maintain your vehicle – oil changes and proper tire inflation will also save the environment and save you money!
10. Reduce the margins in your word documents.

Green Activities
1. Don’t want to deal with bug bites all summer? Build a toad abode.
2. Attract native wildlife to your home by making a birdfeeder.
3. Take the one bag challenge. Can you only produce one bag of trash every week? See if your family can cut back on what gets tossed.
4. Plant a low water use landscape with native plants. Click here for a list of Texas friendly plants.

Interested in assisting in a Zoo conservation project? Contact our project organizer Ben Jones!