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Wilds of Africa Adventure Safari Monorail

Wilds of Africa Adventure Safari Train and WaterfallClimb aboard the Wilds of Africa Adventure Safari, our renovated monorail, for a birds-eye view of five African habitats not accessible by foot: the mountains of Ethiopia, the woodlands of Kenya, the Great Rift Valley, the arid Saharan Desert, and the bush of the Serengeti in Tanzania. The trains ease along at 3-4 mph on a one-mile loop around the back side of our 106 acres. Take in the Simmons Hippo Outpost, Chimpanzee Forest, crocodile pond and Penguin Cove from above, ride through a rushing waterfall, and view species from across the continent of Africa, including nyala, gerenuk, lesser kudu, ibex, oryx, eland, vultures, storks, addax, bongo, red river hogs, and more. While on safari, interpretive specialists serve as your guide, describing the animals, habitats and conservation efforts being taken to preserve these remarkable species.

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During its initial 25-year run, the monorail served nearly 4 million guests, making it one of the most popular experiences at the Zoo. It has since undergone a $3 million overhaul with updated electrical and mechanical systems, a new station, and more.

Monorail tickets are $5 each. Free monorail rides are included with certain levels of membership.