Wilds of Africa :: Wild Encounters Stage

Wild Encounters Stage

Dallas Zoo's Wild Encounters Stage

The Wild Encounters Stage at the Ndebele Plaza in the Wilds of Africa offers opportunities for greater interaction between animals and guests. Educational interpreters present a variety of animals at the stage throughout the day, seven days a week, to provide close-up encounters, answer questions and educate Dallas Zoo guests about wildlife.

Guests can meet more than 40 animals from the Animal Adventures Outreach program, such as Abeni, a young African serval cat that can leap nearly 10 feet in the air. This great jumping ability and excellent hearing enables the serval to hunt prey in tall savanna grasses.

In addition to the serval, guests also may meet African-crested porcupine Chimalsi  and other animals, including a three-banded armadillo, spur-thigh tortoise, Eurasian eagle owl, ball python and more.

Thank you to our Wild Encounters Stage sponsor, Frost Bank.